3 Interesting Facts About Ratan Tata

Facts About Ratan Tata

Facts About Ratan Tata

1. Ratan Tata is a great businessman as well as a skilled pilot Even he was the first Indian to fly the F16 Falcon in 2007

2. When Ratan Tata became CEO of Tata Group then under his leadership He increased the company’s revenue by 40% and at the same time, the profit of the company increased by 50%. Yes, In 1991 Tata Company was only generating revenue of 5.71 billion dollars By 2016, the company’s revenue had reached about 103 billion dollars.

3. The terror attack which took place at Mumbai Taj Hotel on 26 /11/ 2008 Treatment of all the injured people was done by the Tata group alone. Also, they gave a full salary to all workers till the time the hotel was closed.

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