5 How to study tips | Study tips for exam preparation 2021

How to study tips | 5 Study tips for exam preparation

One of the toughest parts about being a student is studying for endless exams. I know the struggle. But I’ve learned a couple of strategies. Here is 5 How to study tips –

How to study tips | Here are the 5 Study tips for exam preparation

1. The First tip is to use tools to maximize focus and minimize distractions.
I highly recommend using the Pomodoro method, where you are doing 25 minutes of hyper-focused study followed by a 5-minute break. You then repeat this cycle as repeatedly as you would like. This method works because it’s not hard to focus for 25 minutes at a time. Knowing you’ve got an opportunity arising really keeps you going, and research also shows that studying briefly chunks is simpler than long cram sessions.

During breaks, I like to recommend that you simply walk around, stretch, and hydrate. For present days How to study tips is all about DO NOT check out your phone or you’ll find yourself spending an hour on social media. If you’ve got zero self-control, you can also use tools like the StayFocuesd Chrome extension, the Facebook News Feed Eradicator, and your phone’s Airplane mode to prevent yourself from getting distracted. Always study during a designated spot and at a selected time of day so that you’ll prime your brain to focus. How to study tips is Do NOT study within the bedroom as your brain will misunderstanding work and sleep.

2. Handwrite condensed notes for each course by consolidating material from lectures, textbooks, and PowerPoints into one. Make sure to hand-write these notes because it helps you keep information better. Protect your condensed notes package like it’s your firstborn. Keep it safe and convey it with you to the gym, review it on the StairMaster or while stretching. This allows you to urge up and do other things while still maximizing study time.
Don’t quit your workout routine during exam season since exercise actually helps with memory recall. Review your condensed notes just before you sleep and then again within the morning while you’re eating breakfast.
Studying before and after sleeping helps with memory retention. And as a bonus, at the top of the term, you can sell your consolidated notes along with your textbook for extra cash.

3. The Third Study tips for exam preparation is to try as many practice tests as humanly possible, and don’t leave them to Judgment Day before an exam. Doing practice tests is one of the foremost effective ways to review since it forces your brain to try to active recall, which strengthens your memory. Ask people that have taken the course before to give you their old quizzes, tests, and practice tests so that you’ve more material to work with.

4. The next tip is to form flashcards either the old-school way of using a web tool like Quizlet. Much like practice testing, studying with flashcards forces you to retrieve facts from your brain which helps strengthen your memory.

5. Final Study tips for exam preparation is to show someone the material, like a classmate or a loved one. This forces you to elucidate things in your own words, which engages your brain inactive recall and improves your memory. If your classmate asks questions that you don’t know the answers to, you’ll realize which topics you would like to re-study to help you solidify your understanding.

So that’s it for How to study tips and 5 Study tips for exam preparation .

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