Asia’s Largest Tulip Garden To Open In Jammu & Kashmir From 25th March

Tulip Garden To Open In Jammu & Kashmir

Tulip Garden To Open In Jammu & Kashmir

Asia’s largest tulip garden is near the famous dal lake in Srinagar, Kashmir It will be hospitable to the general public from 25th March 2021. The garden was inaugurated in 2008 by then chief minister Ghulam Nabi Azad. The Gandhi memorial tulip garden was formerly referred to as Siraj bagh.

The garden covers 30 hectares In the foothills of the snow-clad zabarwan range. It’s extremely beautiful. Tulip garden in-charge, Inam Rehman Sofi said, Generally may Indians flock to j&k in may thanks to the onset of summers, To enjoy the chilly weather in j&k.

They decided to open the gardens in march to increase tourism within the state. Sofi said that the floriculture department Planted nearly 15 lakh bulbs of 62 different sorts of tulips this year. The average lifespan of tulip flowers is three-four weeks, But heavy rain or an excessive amount of warmth can destroy them. These are very beautiful flowers. The tourism department has planned a cultural program at the garden within the primary week of April.

The department said that a lot of tourists would visit the garden per annum. But for the last two years, the garden has been shut and there has been no tourism. Now finally the garden has been opened to the general public from 25th March 2021. Officials had said, “visitors will need to wear masks and practice social distancing.” Those without masks won’t be permitted inside. The official added that thermal scanners and sanitizers would be available for visitors to the garden. Prime minister Narendra Modi tweeted He is happy that tourism will increase within the union territory. He even said the people of j&k are very warm & hospitable.

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