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Tamil Nadu: Politician Thulam Saravanan Promises Helicopters, iPhones, rockets if Elected

Thulam Saravanan Tamil Nadu used to work as a journalist, and now he has decided to join politics. You all know that before elections politicians hold campaigns to draw in voters. Saravanan did the same.

During his campaign speech, he said that he would provide helicopters, iPhones, rockets, and also an all-expense-paid 100-day holiday to the moon. He said that many are tired of doing household chores. He would even give everyone robots for such work.

This was how he asked people to vote for him. On Twitter, many people posted that this must be a joke, and he is fooling around. Saravanan’s party logo is a dustbin. The part’s logo is a dustbin because that bribery and corruption are rampant all over Tamil Nadu.

Once elected he aims to wash up the state and throw all the trash within the bin. He confessed that the promises he made were a joke. Saravanan said people must carefully judge politicians and their promises. Think about the future and vote for honest candidates. This will lead to development.

When asked what will happen if he actually wins the election? He said he would focus on meeting the basic facilities of the people such as education, food, health, etc. Prior to elections, many freebies are given to people. It includes items such as nonveg dishes, high-end televisions, goats, alcohol, drugs, cash, etc are given to people to bribe them into voting. Apart from using their own funds, parties also misuse state funds for their electoral campaigns. This has been going on for a while now and hundreds of crores have been spent. This pushed the state into debt for crores of rupees.

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