Top 5 Travel Tips for Summer 2021 | Summer Travel Essentials

Top 5 Travel Tips Summer | Summer Travel Essentials

Travel Tips for Summer: If you’re going on holiday this summer and you’re not going to the southern hemisphere or to say Iceland, get used to one thing it’s going to be hot wherever you go.

So the sensible traveller always packs for the summer, keeping in mind that there’s going to be Heat.

There are Top 5 Travel Tips for Summer and Summer Travel Essentials which you should pack for the summer

1. First of all, be ready for the Sun even if it’s not hot there’s going to be lots and lots of Sun if you’re standing in the queue to get into a museum if you’re out on a beach, if you are on the streets even.

The Sun is going to beat down on you. So always take sunblock, always take sunglasses, always take a cap to protect yourself from the Sun. It’s much easier to get sun stroke, than we realize.

2. Remember, that no matter where you go in the summer you are going to sweat and one place where it’s particularly annoying to cope with sweat is your feet. So don’t ever ever pack big fancy shoes and lots of socks; always try and keep your feet as free as possible. Travel Tips for Summer

Pack Chappals, pack Open Toed Sandals or if you want go Italian pack Loafers but wear them without socks. If you stood in the queue to check in or say to get into the Vatican in the height of summer, there’s one smell you’ll never forget and that’s the smell of body odour; when people
sweat and the sweat stays within their bodies, they always stink. You don’t want to be like that. this is most important Summer Travel Essentials

3. Look for the right fabrics, if you wear anything that synthetic you will sweat more and the sweat with cling to the fabric always wear cotton or wear linen wear something that’s natural, that’s the key Travel Tips for Summer

4. If you’re traveling within India or within Asia or even in the other parts of the world; remember, there will be insects. Whenever I travel, I pack mosquito repellent, I pack a cream, I pack something that keeps the insects away even if a citronella candle will do. But never ever forget then when you go on holiday insects will come with you.

5. Remember, that no matter where you go if you’re out in the summer, there will be a time of day when it’s too hot to do anything. Usually that’s the time that stretches from lunch time to tea time, ideally you should get up relatively early make the most of the morning and then make the most of the evening.

So what do you do in the afternoons? Well ideally you should stay indoors, you should pack lots and lots of books or should using Kindle, you should download lots and lots of books, take magazines.

If you are travelling with children take toys Keep them entertained otherwise the worst part of traveling in summer can be the afternoon.

So that’s it 5 Travel Tips for Summer and Summer Travel Essentials which you should pack for the summer.

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